Admission is restricted to the junior high school age and above.

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The view from the round window is the sparkling jade-green Katsura-gawa River, which invites us into the graceful world of 1200 years ago.​

The classical architecture and garden recall the Heian period 1200 years ago when aristocrats enjoyed the change of season and canoeing parties in this villa area.  Please enjoy the relaxing atmosphere of this historical place.  A dyeing experience is also available (reservation necessary).

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  • Entrance fee: 2000 JPY (taxes included)

#Please contact us beforehand for cases such as; a group of over 10 persons, wedding photos, commercial shooting. Please note that we may not process the arrangement for these cases on the date of the appointment if the booking is only on the homepage without prior contact.
#Admission is restricted to the junior high school age and above.

Entrance fee: 2000 JPY
# Please refrain from the use of camera tripods.
#No pets are allowed.

“The Emperor’s Dye”

Japan’s world-class, unique dye dating from 1,200 years ago

“Kôrozen” is the world’s noblest dye along with “Kai-murasaki” (Tyrian purple).  It is characterized by the various changes in color, as are seen in an opal.  It is also called the “dye of the sun” because of its madder red color that appears the moment the light passes through, just like an alexandrite.

It was the Saga Emperor in the Heian period (1,200 years ago) that decided to replace purple with “Kôrozen” as the dye for the primary formal dress for a royal ceremony.  Ever since, “Kôrozen” was passed down from age to age as the color for the emperors to wear on solemn occasions. However, these characteristics remained scarcely known because the knowledge was passed on only to very few people.

Korozen : Color variation

Fluorescent light
Transmitted light

Twenty years ago, Yusai, as a researcher on dye techniques, looked into the Kôryûji temple in Kyoto where generations of “Kôrozen” are conserved, unraveled its features, and finally succeeded in reproducing it. “Yume-kôrozome” or “Dream Kôrozome”, thus created, features a new color which is more appealing to the modern age, while maintaining the dignity of “Kôrozen”.  It changes its color from black to deep red, from dark blue to burgundy, from green to brown, or from brown to reddish brown, each concealing/revealing the dye of the sun.  It is such a unique, exquisite dye that Japan can boast it to the world.

Yusai investigation in Koryu-ji temple

Yume-korozome : color change (fluorescent light >> sunlight)

Dye of the sun: The flaming-red sun appears when penetrated by the light from the backside of the fabric, changing its color from black to madder red.

Color variation:
The color changes from dark blue to burgundy when the light shines on the upper side of the fabric.